Strip Outs


Strip Outs

Strip outs are a key part of many renovation projects, and they need to be done by professionals. If you’re looking to overhaul a residential or commercial space, look no further! Demolition Co. can provide you with the necessary tools, materials, and contractors for strip out construction. Once you enlist our help, you can be sure that we’ll complete the project quickly and efficiently. Before you know it, you’ll be able to refurbish the space to your liking.

The Leader in Strip Out Construction in QLD

Demolition Co. is the top choice for commercial and residential works in Gold Coast. We have teams of experts with years of experience that can handle any project you throw at us. Wondering what makes our company so special compared to the competition? We provide our clients with numerous benefits that keep them coming back whenever they need help with a new project. Here are a few.

We Can Handle Complex Projects

An interior strip out isn’t always a simple process. Some older Australian houses and buildings contain asbestos in various elements, which needs to be removed and disposed of safely. While most strip out services can’t work with asbestos, our company can. We specialize in asbestos removal, and our teams can handle any strip out project that involves the material. If you’re looking to refurbish an older home, you should give us a call and we’ll survey the space and provide you with the perfect service for it.

We Have a Strong Work Ethic

Demolition Co. isn’t your typical strip out service. We’re old fashioned and have a strong work ethic when it comes to our projects. That means we complete projects on time and avoid any unnecessary delays. More importantly, we don’t leave work sites messy and incomplete. If we say that we’ll get the work done—we mean it.

We Make Safety a Priority

When our teams work on demolition or strip out projects, safety is always their top priority. We provide an all-encompassing service for our clients. We can scout out the location, arrange the needed permits, survey for asbestos, and ensure safe removal and disposal of the material. 

At the same time, we also utilize safety gear and equipment to minimize exposure for our workers and clients. During strip out works that only affect one area, we make sure to segregate connected areas properly. As a result, you can stay safe in one part of your home or commercial space while we work on the other.

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If you need help with commercial or residential strip outs or some other form of demolition, contact our team and learn more about our services. We can handle all of your asbestos removal, commercial strip out, and house demolition needs & much more! You’ll find our contact details below



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