Commercial Strip Outs


Commercial Strip Outs

If you intend to overhaul the interior of a commercial space from the ground up, chances are that you’ll need to do a strip out. By getting the inside back to the bare bones, you have more room to renovate and overhaul the space. That’s where we come in—Demolition Co. is a leader in the industry when it comes to commercial strip outs, and we’re ready to help you with any project big or small.

Leaders in Gold Coast Strip Outs

Looking for a team of professionals to handle a commercial strip out project? Look no further—our teams here at Demolition Co. are more than qualified for the job. Our company is the top choice for strip out projects in QLD, and we acquired this reputation with hard work and dedication. If you need someone to do a retail or restaurant strip out, there’s no better option than Demolition Co.

Get Your Building Ready

A building strip out can be a massive undertaking, but our dedicated team of experts won’t have trouble completing it. We have years of experience working strip outs, and we can handle a project of any size. Whatever you need—you can count on us!

Redecorate your Restaurant

If you’re looking to make some major changes to your restaurant, a strip out might be just what you need. We’re experts when it comes to restaurant strip outs, so you can be sure that we’ll complete the project in a quick and efficient manner.

Get Your Retail Store in Order

Demolition Co. can also help you do a complete retail strip out with relative ease. We know a thing or two about doing strip out work for stores big and small. If you want the job done quickly so you can get back to making sales, we’re the right company for you.

Demolition Co. Prioritizes Safety

Working with building materials can be tricky, especially if you’re dealing with a project that involves older houses or buildings. Some of them contain hazardous materials such as asbestos, which need to be handled carefully. 

If you need a space surveyed and cleared for asbestos—you’re in luck! We happen to specialize in asbestos removal and disposal, which gives us an edge compared to most other strip out services. We prioritize safety, and that means we have all the necessary gear and equipment to handle asbestos. 

What if you’re looking to renovate one area while keeping others functional during a strip out? Don’t worry—our team of experts can segregate a part of the building with ease, keeping you safe from hazards while we work to complete the project.

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If you need help with commercial or residential strip outs or some other form of demolition, contact our team and learn more about our services. We can handle all of your asbestos removal, commercial strip out, and house demolition needs & much more! To learn more or ask for a quote, contact us via phone or mail. You can find our contact information below.



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