Asbestos Disposal


Asbestos Disposal

When removing asbestos from residential or commercial spaces, it’s important that the job is done properly, as asbestos can be quite harmful. The task should only be delegated to licensed professionals that have experience handling asbestos—which is where we come in. Demolition Co. specializes in asbestos disposal in Gold Coast and all of its areas. Our asbestos disposal services are unmatched in the region, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help.

Experts in Asbestos Disposal

As one of the top companies in asbestos disposal in QLD, we’re the most qualified choice for this task. Our teams have years of experience when it comes to handling asbestos, whether you need to remove or dispose of the material. Want to know how we became the top choice in the industry? Here are some of the benefits that we’re best known for among our clients.

Safety & Protection

It’s no secret that asbestos is a harmful substance, which is why it’s so important to dispose of it in a proper way. Our teams here at Demolition Co. put safety above all else and plan every asbestos removal project thoroughly. We can assess the size and severity of the asbestos problem and act accordingly. 

Our teams use all the latest and most state-of-the-art tools to handle asbestos properly. We also utilize safety gear to make sure neither our workers nor the clients ever come into contact with asbestos during its removal and disposal. Safety is our motto at Demolition Co., and we stick by it. 

Highly Trained Staff

Proper asbestos disposal is no simple task, and we’re well aware of this fact at Demolition Co. It’s why our teams are trained thoroughly when it comes to handling and getting rid of asbestos. Not only do we use the best tools, but we also use them efficiently! Our teams have plenty of experience with asbestos, and they know exactly how to get rid of it in different areas and contexts. They’ll always be ready to wet the asbestos, bag it, and prevent any residue from remaining in the area.

Great Preparation

When you need asbestos gone—you need it gone immediately. Oftentimes, getting the proper permits and gear ready can slow down an asbestos removal and disposal service, but that’s not the case with Demolition Co. We make sure to get all the necessary licenses and permits ready when we’re given a project. We know which local officials to contact and how to approve the asbestos removal and disposal, and we do it quickly. As a result, you can expect fewer delays when working with us.

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